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March 4, 2009
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Semi-Finalist: "dA Branded" by deviantARTGear Semi-Finalist: "dA Branded" by deviantARTGear
Submission to the deviantWEAR Design Battle 2009

This entry is a semi-finalist in the dA Branded Category. Please support this artist by favoriting, submitting positive feedback and spreading the word if you would like to see this design produced as an actual shirt!

NOTE: Please leave your comments for this deviation on this page, not the original submission, for your feedback to qualify as a vote in the semi-finals.

Artist: ^FaMz
Category: deviantWEAR Design dA Branded
Original Deviation: [link]
Artists Comments:

Edit - took out the extra blue I had, I would have had 7 colours and I added a black shirt. Thought it would be good to see either or. I would have submitted them separately but decided it would be better if I submit them together.

My entry for deviantWEAR Design Battle 2009

Made everything, from doodling in my scrapbook to scanning, to then tracing all out in illustrator. Took me about 3 days but I was being rather lazy, looks rather decorative and girly huh? lol I like it, even the colours hehe

White Shirt - 6 colours, the white area hopefully will be the colour of the actual t-shirt, so there won't be an extra colour

Black Shirt - 6 colours, the black area hopefully will be the colour of the actual t-shirt, so there won't be an extra colour...I'm hoping not

This entry was created for the sole purpose of this contest (for dA), you do not have the right to copy, distribute, reproduce, nor alter it in any way.
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awersome design! LOVE the black one X3

Rekano May 23, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A very nice shirt, I would like to try it :D
Eariorith Apr 17, 2009
This design is my favourite by far! I'd wear the white shirt :)
Great job!
I love the way the font is done! The colors are awesome!!!!!
Quiet2 / LaQuiet™
I love this one. . especially the black one, but I'd probably wear the white one. I don't usually wear black! LOL!
veeeery cool.

i like the design very much x]
dash-of-mystery Mar 22, 2009  Student General Artist
This is my favorite submission to the devWEAR contest. Great job! I love the colors. Especially when put on the black shirt. :nod:
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