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Step 1

Print out our Fella and Super Llama cutouts available to the left, and simply take a photo of Fella and Super Llama together in an interesting place. You can use the actual Fella and Super Llama Plushies if you have them!

Download Fella and Super Llama

Step 2

The Deadline for submission is October 13, 2011.

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Anyone who participates in our Fella Around the World Contest will get a free, exclusive Fella Badge! Just submit your work to the Fella Around the World Gallery and our backend hamsters will make sure a shiny, new badge is added to your collection!

We thought our cute stuffed Fella was getting a bit lonely, so we gave him a friend. Introducing the Super Llama Plushie, designed by our very own $ArtisticAunJuli! Comes complete with cape (and it's even removable!). Real flying ability sadly not included, but a Super Llama can dream, can't it? Check out $ArtisticAunJuli's exclusive interview below!

It depends on the complexity of the piece. Sometimes, even with a pattern, I mess up the stitching and have to start over. The first llama plush prototype took about four hours to sew, while the second took around seven hours. It was a lot of trial and error to figure out what would work and what wouldn't.

I started plushie-making in 2010, and I've made a fair few since. I create with a lot of media, and making stuffed animals was something I was inspired to try out after seeing all of the amazing plushie creators on deviantART. There's so much talent on dA.

From what I understand, they are hoof-sewn with the loving care of a unicorn and shipped in water-tight containers on the backs of an army of narwhals. I could be wrong, and if I am, that's disappointing, because everyone should have their plushies delivered via narwhal.

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