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August 24, 2012
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Mythical Creatures Semi-Finalists!

Fri Aug 24, 2012, 11:33 AM
We challenged everyone to come up with a mythical creature design featuring fantastical beasts renowned in folklore and myth. You gave us thousands of awesome designs with unicorns, dragons, monsters, and more, which were then voted on by the deviantART community. The results are epic -- even legendary! We've calculated the votes and now we're ready to present the 100 most-voted-for designs! From these designs our judges damphyr, IreneAdler76, and renonevada will narrow it down and pick the two Finalists. Each Finalist will be awarded $1,500 cash and receive 20 T-Shirts with their design printed on them to give away to friends and family. Plus, both T-Shirts will be available for purchase in the deviantART T-Shirts & Gear Shop.

And now, we present the Semi-Finalists for the Mythical Creatures T-Shirt Design Challenge!

The Four Symbols by osy057Dragons tshirt by sandaraMythical Creatures Contest - Quetzalcoatl by VyrilienSharing IMAGINATION by IosifChezanQuarter past six by dyingmoonshineFoxFire by In3ityViolet Unicorns by MySweetQueenThe Sun Guardian by SolartezDragon shirt design by CapukatBringing Myth to Life by KerriAitkenHipster Medusa by LavahMinotaur's Dream by Guardian-BeastA Wise Kitsune by RinTauEnt_Tee_Design by ipranawakeI rode in on a Unicorn-LLama (Squee) by mediodia91Mythical Creatures T-Shirt by Lhuinsix tales by RaldoracWhat's your MYTH ??? II by GOKOYOKOD.A contest - Little Cerberus. by clgtartMythical Creatures Black by LayerthCerberus by Ink-FishWhite Hound by AzhoMr. Feathersworth T-Shirt by piggyhohoCat of Nine Tails by AnUnkindnessMythical-Butt-Kicking Awesomeness by manillaluThe Phoenix Inside You by amorphisssEast meets West by TwoDDYuki-Onna by yohat:thumb316719879:Beware the eyes of Basilisk by UrukkiSakiNo Tresspassing by BlazbarosThe Light Thief by ShedSimasDA Myth challenge: Beware the Kraken by ShockowaffelFantasy leaps shirt entry by AnarchpeacedA Reborn by moyanMythical Creatures Contest - Chimera Skull by MrHuxleyPurple Qilin T-shirt V.2 by Mistress-of-AirSkeleton t-shirt by Hellas-AntaresInspiration has struck!! by RacieBMythical Creatures by One-Alucardfiji mermaid of the deep by OoznNymphs by ShintychouSLENDERMAN by ExperteverythingFleet T-shirt by Element-arrowmythical animals of the world by ThroughawolfseyesWEREdeviant by JoQuerFaun forest by Akany89Kraken by Mina42The Pearl by slyeagleBake Neko by Lapin-de-FouMermaid by dsilvabarredWho, Me? by KipwiDeep Sea by hateless-kuroyukiWater/Slime Nymph by JymaruFrost Dragon T-Shirt by LyrrianThe Fates (big version) by Chrysalid8Gryphon by gaeringPurple Mermaid by CharbonArdentWogle by vhfmSirius(Wolf Star) Mythical Creatures Contest by Albinowolf54Party Animal by MIsbellMythical Native American Indian Thunderbird by XrimsonFireSimply Unicorn by ToastyToastiemermaid tan by sqwid1nkHydra by AlanVadell:thumb316079407:DA SECRET by Me2UniqueKitsune fox 2 by masternibenMedusa's Prerogative by TakumyWendigo by MarKomikWHAT'S KRAKEN? by sophersgreenSpelling Creatures by Ballerinatwin3blue dragon by pipiensMYTHICAL CREATURES by LENGARTISTRYLittle Mermaid by LauraCrisMythical Creatures by StrecnoWhen Llama Met Yeti by GaladnilienDragon T-shirt Design by Enchantress-LeLeThe viking and the unicorn by FischHeadPhoenix Rising by queenofeaglesChimera mythical creature contest by WeiklinkMythical Creatures - double dragon by Static-ghostQilin by LhuneArtFantasy. Play! by MusCanusPlayful myth by AmaiRinPhoenix Myth by LorraineFireLeo Exits the Sea by Asher629The Dragon Within (Green) by NJSFXThe Jackalope by mimetalkIce Serpent by DrKillpatientThe Kraken by TWPicturesDiagrams all over that shirt by TabonOn Fire by TrollGirlBakunawa: Moon-Eater 5 colors by aLdshThe mermaid's new wig by TheWitchOfOzMythical Creatures - design challenge: SEA HORSE by CachomonThe Golden Fleece by sgyslhForest Mother by DamselBirchLeviathan: Destroyer of Ships by vancleavej

A quick note: These entries are the top 100 most-voted-for, qualified entries.  Some top-voted entries have been disqualified because they did not adhere to the rules or contained unlicensed third-party content.  Additionally, there were several designers who had multiple entries in the top 100 most-voted-for and, as stated in the Official Terms, only one design per designer is allowed to be in the Semi-Final judging round.  Where this occurred, the highest voted entry appears in this Semi-Finalist pool.

Congratulations to all the Semi-Finalists, and good luck in the final round! 

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Seriously, though. When are we going to get a winner? I want a t-shirt!
Is it normal to take almost a year to decide a winner on Da's contest? I have never ever seen a contest that could take so long to be decided.. :/
jonkiser May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats to all Semi-Finalists and that lucky 1st place also !
When will the winners be announced?
LhuneArt Sep 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Any idea when the winners will be announced?
Neelai Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
When will the winners be declared?
Oozn Sep 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
yay i made it :) thanks everyone who voted for mine
congratulation to all semifinalist
O MY GOD!!! first time I have entered a contest and my design made it to semi fianals!!!!!!!
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