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Ask and you shall receive.  For the second time in deviantART history and the first time in over two years, we're opening up submissions to deviantWEAR!  We've read your notes, listened to feedback, and appreciate the suggestions.  We know what you want ... to give the deviantART community the ability to submit design ideas for deviantWEAR.

“deviantWEAR One Week Design Jam!”

In honor of deviantART's 7th birthday, we're hosting a one week deviantWEAR Design Jam.  During this period we're allowing deviants to submit their best ideas for deviantWEAR shirt designs.  At the contest's end, at least one design will be chosen as a grand prize winner and will ultimately appear as an official deviantWEAR shirt available in the deviantWEAR store.

Contest Submissions

deviantWEAR is open for business!  And when we say 'open', we mean it.  Contest entries do not need to adhere to any type of theme or concept.  We are giving you free reign to design your ideal shirt; whatever it may be.  Funny designs, abstract designs, community designs, etc., everything is fair game.  (Shirts do not need to be deviantART related and/or use the dA logo.)
deviantWEAR uses high quality American Apparel shirts.  These shirts come in a variety of colors.  Please use this link as a reference for shirt color choices.  It will allow you to better plan your design's color scheme.

Winners and Prizes

From all eligible entries, there will be at least one grand prize winner of the deviantWEAR One Week Design Jam (there could be multiple winners depending on quality and popularity of submissions).  Each winner will receive $400 cash, a one year deviantART subscription, any two previous (and in stock) deviantWEAR shirts, and also two shirts of (their own) winning design.  (Winning artists will enter into a business agreement with deviantART that outlines ownership of content, fees paid, the obligations of each party, and so on.)

Winning designs will be determined by number of favorites, number of pageviews, positive feedback via comments, and internal popularity with deviantART staff members.

Contest Rules

Your design must be original work and conform to the following technical requirements.
All designs need to ultimately be available in vector format.  Contest entries should be non-vector/source files (GIF, JPG, PNG), as they are for preview only, but winning entries must be finalized as vector files.  Listed below are requirements for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator; however, you may use the application of your choice as long as it can export a file to the proper specifications.  GIMP, Sodipodi, and Inkscape are popular and free image manipulation programs that can be useful if you do not have access to Adobe software
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (File format: AI, EPS)
  • Compatible with version CS2 or below.
  • Use only 1-6 colors.
  • No part of the design should exceed 10 inches by 12 inches.
  • Up to 2 placements may be used per design.
  • Vectors do not have size requirements because of their lossless scalability.
  • Do not mix raster images with vector images.
  • Fonts must be converted to outlined shapes.
  • Use of this template will help show proper design placement (recommended).
  • It is preferred that you use Pantone colors (PMS Coated) for color references.  There is a "Pantone Coated" library under your swatch libraries in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Enter

  • Click 'Submit Deviation'
  • Choose a title for your work
  • Select the following category: Community Projects > Contests > 2007 > deviantWEAR 1 Week Design Jam
  • Upload your design as a deviation (only a preview image is needed)   
  • There is no limit to the number of times you may enter
The deviantWEAR One Week Design Jam begins on August 7th, 2007 at 7:00 A.M. Pacific time and ends on August 14th, 2007 at 11:59 P.M. Pacific time.  Designs must be submitted during the allotted time and in the proper category to be considered as contest entries.



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